My Thanks To

My thanks to the following people who've helped me through the years in ways large and small:

Jack Albert, Michael Allen, Alex Arends, Lisa Avery, Michael Ayers, Lucky Barton, Adrienne Berofsky, Linda Blaine, Michael Boynton, Allison Brandon, Theresa Brewer, John Brown, Christopher Busen, John Carlisle, Mary Carlisle, Gary Chapman, Adele El-Ayoubi, Jeanne Gaudette, Charlie Green, Mitch Gross, Damian Hull, Natalie Kaltz, Michael Kazyak, Michelle Kelly, Tom Keilman, Regina King, Daniel Loftus, George Loftus, Heather Loftus, Kenneth Loftus, Michael Loftus Jr, Michael Mack, Anthony Mayes, Matthew Mayes, Jessica Miller, Debbie Phelps, Paul Postal, Ron Proudlock, Patricia Radulski, Jim Ramondatta, Alicia Rivera, Jason Rotenheber, Todd Scott, Linda Sheldon, Beverly Shields, Robert Shields, Patricia Snell, Tom Stephens, Enid Steuben, Sarah Zonyk.

The people named above saw only isolated pages and not the entire site. None saw the final version before it went online. A name appearing above does not imply that person’s seal of approval on anything.


Cops are ready every day to risk their lives to stop vicious and crazed predators. To paraphrase Lt. Col. Dave Grossman: Cops are the faithful, ever-vigilant sheepdogs protecting their flocks from the wolves and wild dogs of the world. The cops mentioned above gave me valuable insights.

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