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In 1992, a burglar tried to rape a sleeping, middle-aged nurse, Curtescine Lloyd, in Edwards, Mississippi. He punched and threatened to kill her unless she submitted to rape. Instead, she grabbed his penis with one hand, his testicles with the other and wrenched them in opposite directions. He screamed and pummeled her some more but she refused to let go. They struggled until she shoved him outdoors half naked.

Here are three more similar examples: 1) In 2001, a woman walked into Chicago’s police headquarters holding a pair of testicles she'd bitten off an attacker. 2) Another rape victim bit off a rapist’s tongue and he was arrested at a hospital where he went for treatment. The rapist, Ronald Douglas McGowan Jr., has three prior convictions. Police found the severed tongue but doctors could not re-attach it. 3) Abi Grant awakened with a burglar on top of her, threatening to kill her, and punching her face. She punched back. She thought she was going to be killed. When he put his tongue in her mouth, she bit it hard and gripped his penis and dug in her nails. When he tired of hitting her, she used his penis for leverage and managed to head-butt him in his face. He fled.

A penis, whether erect or flaccid, is merely soft tissue connected to the body only by spongy tissue and skin. There's no strong connection such as bone, cartilage, ligament, or tendon. That's also true for the testicles and scrotum. Thus, male genitalia is very flimsy – and extremely sensitive – especially the testicles.

An unbound victim can grip a rapist's genitalia – and many martial artists believe it can be easily torn off his body. However, since no volunteers are willing to test this theory, it must remain part of martial arts’ lore. But think about it, the lack of volunteers means that no man in his right mind would dare try to find out – because even if his penis is not actually torn off, he could easily be seriously injured. At the very least, it's slam-dunk obvious that he'd suffer great pain and lose his sexual desire.


It's equally obvious that a woman fiercely wrenching a rapist's penis and/or scrotum will seize control of the situation. With supreme irony, his fragile instrument of crime suddenly becomes his critical weakness – indeed poetic justice.

Here’s an example for a woman to realize just how extremely delicate a man’s testicles are:

Testicles and eyeballs have very much the same sensitivity. Think of how extremely delicate eyeballs are. Close one of your eyes right now and lightly touch it – and see how exquisitely sensitive it is. A testicle’s sensitivity is virtually identical. Thus, a rape victim should target a rapist’s weakest body parts: his four balls – his eyeballs and testicles!

A rape victim can easily bite off his penis or testicles if forced to perform fellatio. Whether biting off or tearing off a rapist’s genitalia, he’ll suffer severe pain, reactive shock, blood loss, and panic. He’ll likely scramble frantically to get away from you – especially if you keep furiously hitting and kicking him until you suddenly flee – stun and run. And the police need merely to check nearby hospitals for a man with injured genitalia.

If a rapist tries to kiss you, bite his lips as hard as possible – until your teeth meet – then powerfully shake your head side-to-side (like a dog does) to cause the most damage. Then further attack him furiously until you suddenly flee – again, stun and run.

Whenever a woman fights back against a rapist, they both might bleed and exchange blood or other fluids. But since few rapists are infected with HIV/AIDS (less than 1 percent of the general population is), a woman biting or fighting with an infected rapist has no more risk of becoming infected than if she is raped by him (again, an exchange of bodily fluids).

You may think, while calmly reading this, that you’d never want to maim anyone - even a rapist. But you'll likely feel very differently during an actual attack. Yet you still have a powerful option: wrenching his genitalia and holding on while you maneuver him into a place from which you can escape – as did Curtescine Lloyd.

By Michael Edward Loftus Sr at
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