Crime Survivors:
Survivors of Homicide
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Crime survivors know that, from out of the blue, crime can shatter anyone's life.

Shanna Van Dyn Hoven, 18-years-old, was jogging in Kaukauna WI when a monster stabbed her to death. Her father’s life spirit died with her. Stephen Van Dyn Hoven, consumed with grief and rage, thought he wouldn’t survive. But then he refused to let the killer destroy his life as well. In meeting with others who’d lost a loved one to crime and learned how they all help each other, he found a place where he belonged. He’s now dedicated his life to helping other victims. He said there’s a lot more of them out there than you realize.


Lorraine Bond opened her door to find the Sherriff and two deputies on the front porch of her Chattanooga TN home to tell her that her son, Deputy Donald Bond, had been murdered. Her baby boy was now gone and her life was changed forever.

Survivors of Homicide ( helps homicide survivors with the legal system, financial aid, information resources, and related organizations. provides information, support, and direct assistance to any survivor who may have questions in the aftermath of violence.

Many people want to help you. There are hundreds of support groups worldwide for the bereaved loved ones of murder victims. They’re experts at coping with grief – and recovering.

Some are located in the US and some in the UK. But it doesn’t matter where you’re located. They’ll be happy to help you from the other side of the globe – and also refer you to a group near you for face-to-face counseling. They’re very willing to help you.

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