Crime Survivors
Michigan Victim Alliance

After the crime fades from the news, the crime survivors left behind are the victim's loved ones trying to heal.

Contact the Michigan Victim Alliance ( Here's a glimpse of a similar organization:

Estevan "Steve" Montaño was shot to death near his favorite Arizona campsite. He left behind a wife, Darlene, with five children and six grandchildren. Darlene Montaño’s world is shattered. She cries every night. She says it’s worse than a nightmare. Her life is gone.

Gail Leland, founder and director of Arizona Homicide Survivors said that the victims lost their lives and are gone. The survivors are the ones suffering now.

Many people want to help you. There are hundreds of support groups worldwide for the bereaved loved ones of murder victims. They’re experts at coping with grief – and recovering.

Some are located in the US and some in the UK. But it doesn’t matter where you’re located. They’ll be happy to help you from the other side of the globe – and also refer you to a group near you for face-to-face counseling. They’re very willing to help you. See Crime Survivors - Recap

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